Lewis Pumps, Motors & Repairs

12407 E. Slauson Avenue, Whittier, Ca. 90606

                                                                                                          Ph-562-945-1875           fax-562-945-9193

email:  lewispumpoffice@aol.com

Let LPC help you - by Restoring your Pumps and    Motors to Original Condition

        Pick-Up and Delivery Service to Your Door

                You schedule the Pick-up based on your requirements!

    Call us now for Pick-Up  (562-945-1875)

        We utilize Direct Call Cell Phones to better service You.

       We have an Expert Mechanic on Duty for you.

            Experienced on most all Pumps and Motors

                Repairs are Guaranteed

        Turn Time for You

            Same Day is Possible, based on your requirements and parts.

            Next Day is possible, based on availability of parts

                Identify your Pump in advance and we will have the parts waiting.

                    You determine how fast we get the parts.

          Evaluation and Report of Failure

                Upon Opening the pump we will quote you what is required.

          Recommendations to Minimize Future Downtime

                With our repair experience and you production schedule...

                we will make Pumps “Not a problem.”

Repairs of Pumps and Motors