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ANSI B 73.1 Specification Horizontal End Suction
The 7071 Series is a horizontal, open impeller centrifugal pump that meets the specifications of ANSI B-73.1. The series consists of 3 power end and 33 pump sizes.

Vertical Heavy Duty
For all process services and applications. The Gusher Vertical Heavy Duty Pumps provide a complete, reliable and economical solution. The Gusher Heavy Duty Series Vertical Pumps are easy to operate and maintain, coming with the added benefit of substantially reduced maintenance costs and are backed by award winning service.

7550 Series Vertical Centrifugal End Suction
The Gusher 7550 Series has been designed to give heavy duty pumping service in a wide range of industrial applications including spray booths, industrial spray washers, paint, and coolant systems.
Sizes range from 1" to 8" discharge with heads up to 275 feet @ 1750 RPM and capacities up to 4000 GPM.

7600 Series Vertical Top Pull Out Centrifugal

End Suction
This Series has been designed to minimize maintenance. If maintenance is required, the top pull out design allows the rotating element to be removed without disturbing the mounting plate or piping. Sizes range from 1" to 8" discharge with heads up to 275 feet @ 1750 RPM and capacities to 4000 GPM.

7600 Series Horizontal Back Pull Out Centrifugal

End Suction
The back pull out design of the Gusher 7600H Series saves downtime and maintenance costs by providing easy removal of rotating assembly for fast repairs. These pumps are available in coupled, coupled base mounted, and close coupled configurations. Sizes range from 1" to 8" discharge with heads up to 275 feet @ 1750 RPM and capacities up to 2800 GPM.

7800 Series Vertical and Horizontal Centrifugal

End Suction
The 7800 Series includes our jet pump, self priming pumps, vertical and horizontal close coupled pumps, direct drive pumps and some models with a range from 0 to 800 GPM @ 3450 RPM and head up to 700 feet.

8000 Series Horizontal Centrifugal Self-priming
The 8000 Series is designed for a wide range of uses from agricultural to industrial, including filtration, irrigation, dewatering, transfer, industrial sump, shallow sump washers, and tank car unloading. Priming and air separation are accomplished within the casing, there are no external valves, air separator, or priming chamber required. Sizes range from 1 1/4" to 6" discharge with heads up to 130 feet @ 1750 RPM and capacities to 1200 GPM.

15 different sizes offering up to 440 foot head and 3000 GPM capable of handling solids up to 3 inches.


8 sizes offering up to 400 foot head and 2800 GPM capable of handling solids up to 6 inches.

High Pressure Centrifugal Multi-Stage
Gushers Multi-stage pumps offer pressures of up to 400 PSI. Some models also offer dual discharges, one for low volume and high pressure, and another for low pressure and high volume.

Molten Metal Vertical Centrifugal
Gushers Molten Metal pumps handle lead, babbitt, solder, tin, zinc, spelter, and other molten metals at temperatures up to 1200°F. These pumps are standard with stainless steel shaft, pump parts made of cast iron, and carbon steel screws.

Industrial Coolant Pumps and Tank Units
Gusher offers replacement machine tool coolant pumps for Fuji, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi, and Yasukawa. Contact our Sales department for your specific application.

Electric Immersion Pumps
A breadth of applications including machine tools, chemical equipment and refrigeration systems. Capacities up to 32 GPM and heads up to 100 feet.

Vertical Turbine Pumps
Flow rates exceeding 15,000 GPM. Ideal for central coolant systems, cooling towers, paint, waste treatments, and many more high-pressure applications.

Stainless Steel Vertical Immersion and Flanged Pumps
When you need a pump you need it fast. We have a large amount of these pumps in stock and ready to ship.

Capacities to 450 GPM and heads to 160 Feet. Applications include water filtration, washers, wastewater and many more.

Capacities to 1600 GPM and heads to 700 Feet. Applications include water purification, parts washers, paint systems, and many more.

Screw Pump
For cooling lubricants. These pumps ensure performance with special case coatings. Flow rates up to 160 GPM.

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